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Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Meal prep hacks you need to know
       When life is on the go, it can feel like no matter how hard you try, you don’t have the time or energy to prepare a nourishing meal. We are going to let you in on a few meal prep tips you could use to make it easier to eat square meal, no matter how busy you are! 
      Meal prep is all about preparation. Having a cooking schedule makes it easier to plan ahead what items can be roasted in the oven, or how many poultry you should be grilling at once.
       Any vegetables that you can use in multiple recipes not only save your money, but give you more room in the fridge to store home-cooked food. We strongly advice buying vegetables that can be used both raw and cooked, such as carrots, cucumber, cabbage, leafy greens such as spinach. That way you’ll be able to use them in a whole bunch of substantial meals.
       Pre-soaking and pre-cooking your grains means you have them on hand to add to any meal. Once your favourite grains are cooked, you’ll be able to easily add them to salads or soups, as well as combining them with grilled meat and roast veggies.
       One thing we hear a lot from people is they get bored eating the same meals throughout the week. Having your own herbs garden, where you can grow everything from parsley to sage, is a great way to beat this problem! Using basic ingredients and adding flavour with fresh herbs means you can enjoy a different taste each day.
       Rather than spending time chopping and peeling fruit each morning, spend one afternoon a week portioning fruit into freezer bags. Each morning, grab a freezer pack and throw the contents into your blender along with your liquid of choice (milk, water, coconut water) and blend it up. That way, a hearty breakfast is ready in just a few minutes.
       Consider all options of meal prep tips and you’ll save yourself time and energy in the kitchen.

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Creating a Company

      Today I want to introduce you a completely new type of company which is based on adventure travelling and eco-tourism. We have done a groundbreaking work while creating our company 'TRAVELMATE' and now we are offering a job to anyone who is ambitious and open to offers.
      As adventure travel is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry, our company offers in-depth itineraries designed to explore the soul of a region through behind-the-scenes access to places and experiences with the smallest harm to the local environment. The group leaders are first-rate professionals which results in a much more enjoyable and educational experince for clients. Our main rule corresponds with our motto 'To offer unique expeditions that stimulate an interest in, develop an understanding of, and create an appreciation for our Earth'.
     We offer a salary that makes sure you earn a good living if you meet our requirements. Employees can receive a bonus at the end of every quarter if they carry out their work well or go the extra mile. Some of the benefits that we provide include permanent dicounts for our employees on a number of destinations.
       Positions you can apply for are HR manager and consultant. HR managers is responsible for recruiting new employees and, therefore, provide general manager with a short-list. It is a demanding job as we always seek for people who have what it takes to perform well. HR manager should be a people person in order to be ready to meet new people almost every day. The position of a consultant deals directly with our clients. We are looking for someone who has experience in tourist business. This position requires to work well in a team and to have an eye for detail because you have to pay attention to every aspect of the tour and client's desires. You need to be able to put forward an idea for a new tour, for example; to tackle a problem which you or our clients may face, so you need to be able to keep calm under pressure.
       One of our employees agreed to give feedback about our company so that you understand more clearly the pace of our work. Jaden Warren, consultant:'I have been working for this company for about 5 years now and have a job as a consultant. I can say that I enjoy every aspect of working here because,first of all, working conditions are excellent and the people I work with are very friendly and welcoming atmosphere is always present. It may get stressful sometimes but after all you understand that it is a rewarding job when you see your clients happy and satisfied'.
      If you want to apply for a job please fill in application form which you can find on our websire travelmate.com and submit the application. If you have any more questions feel free to ask them via our e-mail travelmate@gmail.com.

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     In the first video, Sugata Mitra explained the origin the education and the aim of education in the past. It's a foregone conclusion that education was to create identical people. One of the points of the video is that schools as we know them now they are obsolete, from the old school so to say. To get a good education we don't need to write beautifully by hand or multiply numbers in head. By carrying out a research, Sugata found out that children can learn individually because they are quick learners and have a natural talent to teach themselves. It's common knowledge that our modern educational system doesn't make learning process happen by giving students tedious tasks where they have to cover a lot of ground and to survive under threat (exams and punishments are seen like those). What we should do is to allow educational process to self-organize and create intelectual adventures driven by big questions!
      In the second video, Ken Robinson provided few principles on which human life flourishes.
1. Human beings are naturally different and diverse. Kids prosper but when curriculum celebrates their various talents.That is why educational system has to get equal way to the art, humanitites, physical education and not only to core subjects. 
2. Curiousity is the engine of achievement. If to light the spark of curiousity in children they will learn without assistance because they have a thirst for knowledge. The teacher should just stimulate, provoke and engage.
In Finland, as an example, they individualize teaching and learning and they devolve responsibility to the school level because the educational process doesn't happen in the committee rooms of the state or national government. Investing in professional developement of teachers is not a cost, it is investment in education.
      I honestly think that future system of education should take care of every child on the planet, so that everyone has access to education. To improve modern education we should use the notion 'a straight A student' and 'a know-it-all' less often because students take it too seriously sometimes and burn the midnight oil in order to make the grade. Modern system of examination with its stressful tests and exams should be replaced with continuous assessment during the whole academic year rather than craming everything in the end of the semester. Modern technology should be used during learning proccess all the time. We should give our children an education they will be able to use it to catch up with the world of technology.


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Feelings, emotions, body language

When people think about their feelings and emotions they are afaid of being vulnerable, they try to hide their innermost thoughts. But sometimes their body language speaks for them:)
Take Kate, for example.
On his photo she looks cheerful and happy. She is on cloud nine because, probably, she heard some exciting news. She is literally jumping for joy and due to this she has a burst of energy!

 Look at this picture. Kate has been hitting the gym for the last couple of months and she is as fit as a fiddle now. She looks, and feels on top form after every training at the gym.
 On the next picture we see Kate feeling quite miserable and discontented. Maybe she has been bottling up her emotions for a while and now feels down in the dumps.
 This picture shows Kate having a great sense of achievement because she has done all her homework and boasts about it. Now she feels ecstatic and inspired because from now she has a sense of purpose in her life, and that is to always do her homework!
 This picture speaks for itself. Kate just derives pleasure from food😁
 On the last picture Kate is rather frustrated and upset because she can't understand the material she has to learn for the class. She aslo feels mixed up because she doen't know what to do: to keep on studying or to go to sleep.

Here is the video I have choosen and I find very pleasant. While watching this video and listening to this song, I have an excessive feeling of inspiration because this beautiful song makes me feel grateful for what I have and, at the same time, excited for the things to come in my life. Moreover, I feel delighted and apprehensive simultaneously. The lyrics  make me feel enthusiastic and inspired. I definitely derive pleasure from this song and video as well. It is always such sheer bliss to watch it. Don't miss a chance to watch this video and it will make your day!

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Word families. Word formation.

Here is the article I have chosen from Unit 10 (p.176) Upstream Upper Intermediate B2+

 As most of us are bilingual philologists, we should not underestimate the importance of Latin and Greek languages, as they have greatly contributed in English language. We should not exclude these lanuages from our learning process because it may lead to misunderstanding of some words and their origin. In order to benefit from these languages, we should learn the roots of the words and their meanings. It is very beneficial for us due to the fact that root of the word is a vital component of the word. Being familiar with Latin and Greek is important because it helps us to become more confident in the language and, besides, having some knowledge about these languages will describe you as well-educated person. Finally, knowing these languages will also help us to derive origin of the words in your native language!